21 May, 2009


  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Groundwater, surface water and leachate monitoring
  • In-house chemical analysis of water and leachate samples
  • Review of individual Environment Agency Permits to ensure that all monitoring requirements are met
  • Drilling and installation of additional peripheral boreholes and in-waste monitoring points as operations progress


The project involves monitoring a portfolio of nine quarry/landfill sites and recycling facilities, comprising:

  • An active sand pit located in Dorset currently still extracting mineral and not yet accepting waste
  • An active sand pit and inert waste landfill, located in Berkshire
  • A large active sand pit and closed inert waste landfill, located in south Wiltshire
  • An active sand and gravel pit located in Hampshire
  • Closed inert waste landfills in Hampshire, Dorset and Oxfordshire
  • An active aggregates recycling facility and closed inert waste landfill site, located in Hampshire
  • An active materials recovery facility (MRF), located in Hampshire


To provide routine landfill gas, groundwater and surface water monitoring and analysis. This had to be performed in accordance with the requirements of relevant Permits issued by the Environment Agency.


ACS has developed bespoke monitoring regimes for each site, taking into account the clients’ specific needs. We were also required to meet all monitoring process requirements as laid out in the corresponding Environmental Permit.

Each site has specific Permit obligations for the testing frequency and parameters at defined monitoring locations. Most sites have requirements for sampling and monitoring on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

All site data is recorded using hand-held loggers and downloaded to our monitoring database.

Where existing quarrying and backfilling operations are proposed to extend into neighbouring land, ACS has also drilled and installed peripheral boreholes. We also undertook short-term baseline monitoring of groundwater and soil gases. This was to allow the negotiation of future trigger levels with the Environment Agency.

All our gas and water sampling and testing activities are accredited by UKAS.


The development of a long-term consistent monitoring solution for monitoring data for each of the sites required careful logistical planning of the site visit schedule. This is to ensure data collection for each site is performed at the same time on a monthly basis.


David Rowlands
E: david.rowlands@acstesting.co.uk
T: 01202 628662


Raymond Brown Group

Ongoing since 2009

Eight sites across Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire

Waste Management