09 Mar, 2021

ACS Environmental Ltd was established in 2007 as a chemical laboratory to complement the physical properties by ACS Testing Ltd which together offer a one stop shop for construction & waste materials analysis.

"Maintained continuous accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025"

The chemical laboratory is UKAS accredited and holds certification to MCERTS standards for a selection of analytical methods as detailed on our schedule of accreditation. We have maintained continuous accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The Project

ACS Environmental have been working with a valued client Quantum Geotechnic Ltd to test highway water runoff samples at various intervals based on rainfall intensity and duration at A38 Dean Burn. This site project is being managed by Quantum on behalf of South West Highways, for the ultimate client Highways England. The water samples are collected, analysed & reported by our UKAS accredited laboratory.

This testing is for an important research experiment to address water quality issues as a number of outfalls have failed quality assessments. The experiment is to test a new bio-engineered filtration pond using engineered soils optimised for high volume flow, while retaining high storm water pollutant removal efficiencies.

Highest Quality Equipment

Our highly experienced laboratory staff carry out these tests using the highest quality equipment including the HACH QbD1200, Metrohm-UK Ion Chromatography and PerkinElmerInc ICP-OES along with other analytical methods.

Bespoke Suites

We offer an in-house analytical testing service on a range of standard and client bespoke suites to provide independent results including determinands such as phenols, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAH, metals & metalloids, loss on ignition and more.