03 Mar, 2021

Are you involved in the construction or maintenance of highways & roads in the UK? If so the challenge of compliance and managing risk means, in many cases, you need to test the ground and surface you are working with and / or the material you are laying.

Over the past 33 years ACS has grown to include UKAS Accredited laboratories for both physical and chemical properties, generally aimed at the Construction and Environmental industry.

ACS is based in Poole, Bristol & Horsham.

ACS provide a seamless, agile, all-in-one service for Geotechnical, Materials and Chemical laboratory testing, Site Investigation and Contaminated Land assessment, all covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

Your trusted advisor in environmental risk & material compliance testing.

We can help with assessments of ground conditions before works commence, monitoring of works during, right through to certification of conformance to completed works:

  • Ground bearing capability
  • Soils testing
  • Capping & substrate testing
  • Asphalt testing
  • Coring
  • Chemical analysis
  • Concrete testing

All undertaken in our UKAS Accredited Laboratories.