ACS Group conduct an expansive range of physical properties testing on a wide range of materials, from natural stone to concrete and bitumen. Our laboratories are equipped with the highest quality testing apparatus and are run by our team of expert engineers.

With the ability to perform testing both in-situ or off site, ACS Group offers a comprehensive range of tests suited to client’s needs, carried out to British and European standards.

Construction worker inspecting a new concrete foundation

Aggregates & Soil Testing

Our comprehensive range of Aggregates and Soils Testing meets British and European Standards together with Standard Highways MCHW requirements. Mechanical, physical and chemical testing is conducted on a wide range of recycled and aggregates to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Digger at work

Bituminous Testing

Bituminous road surfacing materials are produced by mixing mineral aggregate with a bitumen binder. Our bituminous tests can be performed both on site and in the laboratory. We are UKAS accredited and run tests to cover British and European standards.

Laying a brand new tarmac road

Concrete Testing

We offer the most requested tests for physical and mechanical properties of concrete as well as bespoke testing depending on client’s requirements. We provide a wide range of UKAS accredited testing on fresh and hardened concrete, both on site and in our laboratories.

Laying a new concrete surface

Mortar & Screed Testing

At ACS we carry out a wide range of mortar and screed in-situ testing in hospitals, schools, shops, and warehouses. In addition, we take fresh samples for laboratory analysis. We also carry out in-situ crushing resistance (ISCR) testing on screeds laid in the above-mentioned buildings.

Smoothing a new concrete surface

Natural Stone Testing

Our Natural Stone testing services assess for a comprehensive range of geological, physical and mechanical properties on rock, natural stone and armour stone. Our newly refurbished Natural Stone Testing Laboratory has enabled increased production and faster turnaround of samples.

Concrete blocks ready for use